Resume and Demo Reel

Special Skills
Radio Personality, TV Host, Baseball,
Basketball, Bowling, Cycling, Football, Golf, Running - General, Scuba Diver,
Scuba Diving, Softball, Swimming - ability - general, Comedian, Disc Jockey,
Host, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Voiceover, German Accent, Southern Accent

Additional Attributes:
Height: 5 ft. 10 in., Weight: 155
lbs., Brown Hair, Green Eyes

Union Status

Clash Lead Independent
Mark Lead Independent
Where's Henry Supporting  
Vibrations Supporting  
L'Opera Supporting  
Getaway lead Dir. Max Hurwitz
Forever Mine supporting Dir. Paul Schrader
T.H.E.S.P.I.A.N. lead Dir. Todd Lampe
Leo supporting Dir. Daniel Ursitti
The Rave lead Independent
Ante Up lead Dir. Corey Morrison
Bleed lead Dir. Chris Woods
Attraction supporting Dir, Max R. Benator
The Profit supporting Dir. Peter M. Alexander
The Suicide Channel lead L&D Productions
Serial Dater lead Dir Bart Flynn
Vampyre Wars supporting Dir. Hugh Parks
Jolly Roger supporting NFL Films
What If? Director/ Writer Dir. Ryan James
Real Videos Host JC-TV
Stage 4 Supporting TV Pilot
Mickey Mouse Club 5th Season (4 episodes) Disney Channel
Keenan And Kel supporting (1 episode) Nickelodean
Rewind Himself as Ryan James JC-TV
Second Noah supporting (2 episodes) ABC
XVZ Himself as Ryan James JC-TV
Top 3 Himself as Ryan James JC-TV
Florida Lady supporting (1 episode) German TV Show
Resting In Pieces Lucas Griswald (lead) Theatre 68
A Lonely Impulse Of Delight Walter (lead) John Patrick Shanley Festival
Perfect Teeth For Crocodile Land 6 Characters The Giraffe Hunt Theatre
Lovers And Other Strangers Mike Theatre 68
Subway Series Eric (lead) Theatre 68
The Howie Monologues Howie (lead) Group Rep. Theatre NoHo
Chaim's Love Song Reuben (supporting) Lonny Chapman Theatre NoHo
Bent Nazi Captain /Guard (supporting) 68 Cent Theatre Los Angeles
Arsenic & Old Lace Officer O'Hara (supporting) Group Rep. Theatre
Night Stories Director/ Writer 68 Cent Theatre Los Angeles
Bar 5 Greg (lead) 68 Cent Theatre Los Angeles
Bill W. and Dr. Bob Eddie (supporting) 68 Cent Theatre Los Angeles
The Boys Next Door Arnold Wiggins (lead) THCS Theatre
A New War Various Characters (supporting) 68 Cent Theatre Los Angeles
Our Town George (lead) THCS Theatre
The Bridge of Blood Nate Saint (lead) Temple Theatre
Death Of A Salesman Biff/ Happy (lead) HCC Theatre
Taming Of The Shrew Petruchio (lead) Ensemble Theatre
How To Win A Freind Ryan (lead) Omega Theatre
Currently training at 68 Cent Theatre    
Summer program at The American Academy of
Dramatic Arts
100.7 Kiss FM Tampa, Fl. 1996-2000
95.7 Mix Tampa, Fl. 2000-2003
95.9 The Fish KFSH Los Angeles, CA. 2004- 2010
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